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Cleaner and brighter laundry

Save up to 75% on soap products simply by allowing soap to do its job and get clothes that last up to 33% longer!


See and feel the difference soft water makes

No more hard water deposits that damage your hair, soap curds that block your pores, and grimy, crusty fixtures. Clean and soft water will make your fixtures sparkle and shine. Soft water takes care of it all!


Makes bathrooms cleaner with less work

Scrubbing soap scum is a chore of the past!


Improves the taste of your water

Eating and drinking has never been this good! Your tap water will be fresh and natural tasting and your food and beverages have never been prepared so well, all because of quality drinking water, courtesy of a WaterMax® system.


Save on plumbing maintenance and hot water energy

Hard water means hard plumbing — which costs money! Also, did you know that hard water creates scale in your plumbing that could increase your water heating costs? As little as 1/8" of scale could increase the heating costs by 30%.

Think again! You'll never believe the safety benefits, efficiency boosts, and cash savings that come with having a premium water conditioning and softening system. Call Hague Water Conditioning today!

Think your water system is fine as it is?

The benefits of water conditioning?

See what Hague Water Conditioning can do for you!